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Ultimate Blood Kit

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The Ultimate Blood® Kit is the most realistic and versatile liquid blood system available anywhere. It perfectly simulates human blood in how it looks and flows. Ultimate Blood® is ideal for creating special effects, medical training and simulation, moulage or any project in need of highest quality theatrical stage blood. Ultimate Blood® was tested and passed for skin sensitivity per OECD Test Guideline 439. This test was developed to determine skin sensitivity of materials.

Ultimate Blood, Ultimate Control – Make it Thicker, Make it Thinner & Change Color. You can change the viscosity of Ultimate Blood® on the fly. Change color quickly with color additives.

Note: Ultimate Blood® is not suitable for "in the mouth" use.


  • Quickly make Ultimate Blood® darker, lighter, more red, less red, etc. using supplied colors.
  • Quickly thicken or thin (a little or a lot) based on what you need and change again as needed. Viscosity can range from a very thick gel to very thin. Thin enough to be sprayed (or flowed) without changing color. A single batch can be thickened and thinned multiple times.
  • Ultimate Blood® wets out over skin, silicone and other surfaces without beading up.
  • Ultimate Blood® dries to a wet finish without changing color.
  • Dried Blood remains flexible on the skin, silicone and other surfaces without cracking.
  • Color washes off of skin and most surfaces and also out of most fabrics.

Customer Reviews

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John Bannister
Sceptical at First..

...Then I tried it. Now I am exclusively using this product wherever I need blood. The description above says it all and I have nothing further to add other than give it a try!

Great stuff, thanks John! :)