XTC 3D Print Coating Epoxy Kit
XTC 3D Print Coating Epoxy Kit
XTC 3D Print Coating Epoxy Kit
XTC 3D Print Coating Epoxy Kit
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XTC 3D Print Coating Epoxy Kit

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Manufacturer Information

XTC Technical Data Sheet


XTC-3D® is a protective coating for smoothing and finishing 3D printed parts. It does not melt plastic. Two liquids are mixed together and brushed onto any 3D print. Coating self-levels and wets out uniformly without leaving brush strokes. Working time is 10 minutes and cure time is about 4 hours (depending on mass and temperature). XTC-3D® cures to a hard, impact resistant coating that can be sanded, primed and painted. Adding colors and metal effects is easy.

  • Inexpensive to Use: 1 oz covers 100+ square inches.
  • 90% Time & Labor Savings: XTC-3D® fills in 3D print striations and creates a smooth, high gloss finish. The need to post finish is almost eliminated.

Coat any 3D Print Surface: XTC-3D® can be applied to both SLA and SLS prints. It works with PLA, ABS, Laywoo, Powder Printed Parts and other rigid media. It also can be used to coat EPS, EPDM and urethane foam as well as wood, plaster, fabric, cardboard and paper.

XTC-3D® does not contain VOC's, phthalates or phosphates.

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Customer Reviews

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Great stuff

PLA 3D print smoothing made Easy

I was really surprised how well XTC-3D worked on my 3D Printed parts. The ability to reduce my post-processing time of parts was amazing. All parts came out really shiny and super smooth. The XTC-3D ability to fill in gaps, pin holes and seams was amazing. Sanding was a breeze after this. The absolute minimum amount was used as the saying goes, "a little goes a long way". The amazing properties of XTC-3D are a must for COS-PLAYERS and others in the 3D print community. Well done SMOOTH-ON, a fantastic product!

What a great insight into this product. Thanks for the feedback!

Fast and Great range of products

Works well in the Wellington climate - enough time to fiddle with but doesn't take forever to cure. One of my must haves.

Good stuff, thanks for the feedback!

Gives a great finish, usually

Gives a great finish, usually needs 2 coats to remove all striations and definitely makes the model stronger.

Good feedback. Good to know it's not too thick so you have a bit of control of it :)

Pretty useful

Some good youtube videos on using this.
Got to put it on a little thick. If its too thin you get a shiny surface but can still see lines. It appears as though the XTC has a strong surface tension which means it fills in the cracks and you get a contnuous smooth surface when dry. Dries in about an hour.

Sands well.
I think maybe best approach is to put it on first and then sand and fill, if you need to. Then add another thin topcoat for glossy surface (if that's what you want).

Because you have to put it on a little thick it doesn't cover as well as they might lead you to believe but coverage is very high compared to (say) paint. A little goes along way.

I used an eyedropper (well two actually) for small parts. You only need 3mls spread onto aluminium sheet "tray" (see videos) to cover the object. Keeping it thin gives you a longer working time. Keep going over it to stop drips and buildup in detail crevices.

I think its worth the money for small or detailed parts where filling and sanding is especially difficult or time consuming. Easy to use, gets rid of the ridges, goes along way. Also gives a nice gloss finish, if that's what you want and it dries fast (1 hour).
Not use it for giant flat sided pieces.

I also rescued my brushes just fine by rinsing them in Acetone after use then washing in soapy water. I used very small painting brushes as my models have finer details.
The mixing cup etc is a throwaway. Gloves are handy. MSDS indicates this stuff not "good" for you.

Thanks Mark for your great feedback and insights, great to know!