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Mold Max High Temp Pourable Tin-Cure Silicone

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Please note that Mold Max is a tin cure silicone and is prone to splitting when manipulated. Recommended for open top moulds without undercuts.

Mold Max® 60

Heat Resistant Silicone

Formulated for applications requiring high heat resistance (up to 560°F/294°C) including making foundry patterns, flat pattern reproductions and casting low-melt metal alloys such as tin and pewter.

  • High Heat Resistant
  • Gram Scale Is Required
  • Recommend Vacuum Degassing

An accurate gram scale is essential when using these products.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
craig king

5 stars, brilliant product for fine detail moulding, quick delivery time, excellent, thanks guys

Mold Max Pourable Tin-Cure

I am happy with my purchases thank you for your prompt service PS is there a silicon RTV that is mixed using volume rather that weight and slightly thinner than the Mold Max 60 I fing the Mold Max to thick to level when poured into the deepest part of the mold the Alumilite 30 is slightly better to use.

Jared Lopez
average product

the product is ok but after second use the mold has started to crack in parts with fine detail

Interesting. It should be durable enough to reproduce more than a few casting. Wonder if it's the product you are casting into it?