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Red Raven

Eco Polyurethane Expanding Pour Foam

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Please note that the 40kg kit will be made to order. Please allow 3-5 business days for processing.

Eco Pour Foam is a general-purpose Rigid Polyurethane Foam product for pour in place applications. The formulation contains fire-retardants and has a free-rise density of 33 kg/m3. This product contains no CFC’s or HCFC’s and is environmentally friendly foam that has no ozone depleting potential. Eco Pour Foam can be hand mixed or manually drill mixed at a minimum speed of 2000 rpm or processed through polyurethane foam dispensing equipment.

Eco Pour Foam has been designed for use in a wide range of applications including insulation, buoyancy, mould making or cavity filling. Eco Pour Foam correctly mixed exhibits low thermal conductivity, low water permeability and a closed cell structure that can be easily shaped and sanded. Eco Pour foam can be bonded to metal, wood and plastic surfaces and in its finished state resists most solvents, oils and petrol.

Hand mixed at a temperature of 20°C the working time is approximately 20 seconds with a pour/cream time of between 20-30 seconds. Gel time is around 3 minutes with a fully tack-free product being achieved in approximately 5-6 minutes.

  • POT LIFE – 20-30secs
  • TACK-FREE TIME – 5-6min
  • VOLUMETRIC YIELD – 0.025 m3 per kg
  • DENSITY OF MOULDED FOAM – (kg/m3) = 33-40
  • COMPRESSIVE STRENGTH @ 10% (kPa) = >200
  • COLOUR – Cream / Yellow

Our cans allow for easy pouring and no mess with our pop up pourer. The pourer can be re-sealed using our handy screw top lid which can also be pushed back down for storage.

Customer Reviews

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Athol Raw
ECO foam

I have used polyurethane foam in the past, but recent mix, I had just measured out a mix, poured the 2 together and reached for my drill, only to find that I had taken the battery inside to charge. So i grabbed an offcut stick and wipped the mix together, then poured into the boat hull. I tell you this worked out 10 times better than machine mixing.

Rob S.
Eco Polyurethane pour foam

Great product. Great service, will be buying again

Great feedback! Thanks Rob :)