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Entropy Resins

Entropy CCR Super Sap Clear Casting Epoxy

Entropy CCR Super Sap Clear Casting Epoxy

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Not Suitable

Tamper Seal issue

We've had some feedback that the tamper seal on some of the CCR bottles has failed and not stuck down at all. On the hardener containers, it's partially stuck down which looks like its been tampered with, this is not the case, rather a failure with the tamper seal itself.

Please note that while the tamper seal has failed, the sponge in the lid is what seals the containers, and you should not experience any problems with the product itself.



Entropy CCR (Clear Casting Epoxy) is a clear, UV-stabilised epoxy system designed specifically for casting, potting, river tables and embedding applications. It's low viscosity allows for bubble-free, crystal-clear castings ideal for art and hobby applications.

Live-Edge Resin River Tables are beautiful pieces of furniture and highly sought after. With the right planning and skills they can be created by experienced wood workers and home D.I.Y. crafters.

Entropy CCR SUPER SAP® Formulation features two hardener speeds: SLOW (CCS) for high-build deep casting epoxy applications and FAST (CCF) for quick, small project requiring fast applications such as jewellery, encapsulating and embedding.

FAST Cure: 90 min pot life, 24 HR tack-free time.

SLOW Cure: 360 min pot life, 72 HR tack-free time.

Two-Part Epoxy Kits are comprised of Entropy CCR (Clear Casting Resin) and CCF (Clear Casting FAST Hardener) or CCS (Clear Casting SLOW Hardener).

NOTE: CCF FAST hardener should ONLY be used for low-volume casting applications with thicknesses below 1″. Using CCF FAST hardener for larger volumes or thicknesses can result in exothermic cures that will damage the epoxy and affect the finished product both structurally and cosmetically.


  • Encapsulation or Embedding
  • River Tables
  • Resin Jewellery
  • Resin Castings
  • Moulding Resin
  • Art, Hobby, Crafting
  • High-Build Coatings
  • Mass Volume Castings (SLOW only)

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Customer Reviews

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John Gilmour

Entropy CCR Super Sap Clear Casting Epoxy

Roger Jonkers

Yet used waiting no the weather to warm up

wayne williams
Worked as per description

Not done anything with resin before but had no issues. Apart from the expense it did what I wanted so all good.
Fast delivery. Great result. Thank you 👍👍

Sharon Ward

Entropy CCR Super Sap Clear Casting Epoxy