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Pumps - Entropy Kits

Pumps - Entropy Kits

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Not Suitable

This sturdy, reusable set of epoxy resin and hardener pumps is compatible with Entropy Resins 2.85L and 5.7L kits, it will not fit the 1.42L kit (the resin will fit, but not the hardener). Two pump strokes of resin for each one pump stroke of hardener will provide the correct mix ratio, ensuring a proper cure.

Test Before Using

Before using the pumps to meter epoxy for a project, meter and mix a small test batch of epoxy to assure the pumps are operating properly and to observe the mixture’s curing characteristics under your current working conditions. The mixture should cure to a hard solid overnight at room temperature or warmer.

Ensure Proper Ratios

The resin and hardener containers in your kit will empty at about the same time if you have used twice the number of full resin strokes to hardener strokes, and your pumps are operating properly. If you run out of resin or hardener and have a substantial amount of the other left over, check the pumps to ensure they are operating properly. Contact the Entropy technical staff for further assistance or replace the pump set.

Operating in Cold Temperatures

Cold temperatures cause a substantial increase in the viscosity of the resin and hardeners, requiring more force to pump the thicker materials. For best dispensing, keep the resin and hardener at room temperature. In cool temperatures, depress the pumps more slowly and allow extra time for pumps to return to the top of the stroke.

Storing and Cleaning

Pumps may be left on the containers during storage. Store resin and hardener in a dry location at room temperature. Keep containers upright to prevent leaks. After a long storage, pumps may need to be re-primed. Pumps should not need cleaning during regular use. After a long storage, dried resin or hardener may plug the spout opening. If necessary, use a stiff wire to clear the opening. Do not switch pumps between resin and hardener containers. Once a pump has been placed in either a resin or a hardener container, that pump must remain a resin only pump or a hardener only pump to prevent cross-contamination.

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