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Environmental Technology Inc.

EnviroTex Lite Pour-On Bench Top Resin

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EnviroTex Lite® is a premium water clear reactive polymer compound. It cures to a thick, glossy coating in about 8-12 hours at 21°C, and reaches full strength and toughness in about 48-72 hours.

This durable, resilient material requires no polishing to produce a high gloss bench top. A light sealer coat and one full coat is all that is usually required for a deep attractive finish. However, two or more coats can be applied over each cured coat. Simply wipe the surface with a clean cloth and alcohol based solvent prior to re-coating.

Ideal for timber bench tops, plaques, photographs, canvases, decoupage and general arts and craft projects.

Food Grade?

Because this product is a Manufacturing Chemical, it cannot be certified as "Food Grade". However, you can produce products using this resin, which could be certified as food grade, it comes down to your technique. More information here:
And here:

Estimated Coating Calculator

Volume Coverage (sqm) Coverage (sqft)
4oz (118ml) 0.09 sqm 1 sqft
8oz (236ml) 0.18 sqm 2 sqft
1 Pint (475ml) 0.37 sqm 4 sqft
1 Quart (946ml) 0.75 sqm 8 sqft
1/2 Gallon (1.88L) 1.5 sqm 16 sqft
1 Gallon (3.78L) 3 sqm 32 sqft

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Estelle Field
Enviro Tex Lite

Very good service thank you. There is every different container size available depending if you want less than half a gallon or a gallon kit. Thank you.

Debbie Latham
Enviro Tex Lite Pour-on Resin

Best Resin I've ever tried and I've tried a few. So easy to mix. 1:1 ratio, can't go wrong. Finished product, so beautiful, takes my Art to a whole new level.

Mark Blundell
Does what it should

Used it to cover a dining room table. Excellent self-leveling, and great hard wearing surface which is why I did it.
I've bought this product twice now, which I guess is the best review of all?

Anna Tall
great service and fantastic results

I have used this resin for my art works for a few years now and love to work with it, I have used a lot of different resins but find this one gives me the best results on my coasters, large and small art works. I have also had quick response to any questions I have asked and orders arrive very fast.

Leon Rutene

Came out solid - looks great as a table resin - very slow setting so have to be careful of dust control