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EpoxAcast 690 Clear UV Resistant Casting Epoxy

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EpoxAcast® 690 is a UV Resistant clear casting epoxy resin that is ideal for making clear jewelry/beads or replacement lenses for kit cars and other applications requiring a rigid, clear finished product. EpoxAcast® 690 can be colored with SO-Strong® color tints.

EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for making clear molds and prototype parts. Castings cure with negligible shrinkage and are very hard and strong. EpoxAcast® 690 is also suitable for encapsulation applications for electronic assemblies where component identification is necessary.  Recommended casting thickness maximum per layer is 3/8 in. / 0.95 cm.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel Tanaka
Marble table repair

I used the EpoxAcast 690 and opaque dyes to repair the edge of a damaged marble table. With a little coaching from you the result is excellent. I have just completed the filling in four pours, 3 in colour and a clear top coat. Three reinforcing pins were inserted. I have not final sanded or polished it yet but the end result seems excellent. The only issue I had was having to buy a sensitive gram scale from Jaycar. The mould making and casting went perfectly on my first attempt. I thought it was pretty easy to work with.
/Users/monster/Desktop/Damaged edge.jpeg
/Users/monster/Desktop/Silicon mold.jpeg
/Users/monster/Desktop/Filled edge.jpeg