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Roller - Flat Surface

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Flat surface rollers are an essential tool for applying specific fibreglass fabrics such as Carbons, Aramids, Basalts and Innegra.

They help to wet out the fabric with resin without pulling the fabric or distorting the weave while helping to remove trapped air for a smooth laminate.

A key tool for those working with high tech fabrics looking for a smooth and clean finish.

These rollers are lightweight aluminum and easy to use. Can be cleaned using acetone.

Material: Aluminum
Dimensions: 12mm x 75mm

Customer Reviews

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Shane Newman
Motorcycle fiberglass seat

I used Resin crafts materials to make a seat pan for a custom motorcycle.
The resin kit was great but sadly the roller just pushed the glass fibers apart and made a mess, i had more control using the paint brush.
Seat came out exactly as planned, super strong with 3 layers of material.
Would I ever use the roller
Would I ever use Resin crafts materials again ...yes