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FOAM-iT Rigid Castable Foam

FOAM-iT Rigid Castable Foam

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FOAM-iT!® is expanding water blown polyurethane foam. FOAM-iT® castable urethane foams will expand many times their original volume when mixed and poured. Developed for a variety of industrial and special effects applications, these casting foam products can be pigmented to achieve various color effects. FOAM-iT!® foams are especially useful as reinforcement for hollow castings.

  • FOAM-iT!® 8 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 8X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 5 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 10X expansion
  • FOAM-iT!® 10 - 1A:1B by volume - approx. 6X expansion

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Customer Reviews

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Tomm Stanley
Lightweight Casting Experiments

The FOAM-iT was fun to play around with and cures very fast. I couldn't get a smooth surface with it, the way Smooth-On show in their catalogue and promo videos but it'll have application as a back-fill and in other 'behind the scenes' aspects of my work.