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Mold Making Liquid Latex

Mold Making Liquid Latex

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Our supplier no longer breaks this product down into retail sizes. We're unable to continue selling this type of liquid latex. We are looking at stocking Holden's Latex keep an eye on our website for this up coming product.

All sales final, no additional latex available.


Mould Making Liquid Latex Rubber is one of the least expensive ways to make moulds at home for casting plaster, polyester resin or urethane parts or to create masks. Although low cost, it is very durable and long lasting. Due to its extremely tough and durable characteristics it will last longer than other mould making choices when casting abrasive materials such as concrete.

Latex moulds are built using a layer process. Due to this process, mould manufacture is fairly lengthy which is the biggest drawback of using latex for this purpose. However, its amazing elongation to breakage and general toughness outweigh this disadvantage in many cases with the exception of commercial production.

Our latex is one of the highest grades available with over 61.5% solid rubber content. It is supplied in this highly concentrated form so it's application can be carried out by brushing. Cheaper latex does exists, but usually with less solid rubber content, which means more layers and therefore more time! This is why our liquid latex is used commercially and extensively in the movie and special effects industry.

Latex Thickener (Dragon Snot)

Our Latex Thickener can be used as it is or with our thickening agent added to create a medium to thick consistency for heavy or vertical layering. As supplied, our liquid latex is easy to pour and to submerge objects in, yet by simply adding a thickener, it becomes more bulky and is good for building moulds and faster layering.

There's no more need for two or three latex products. Just add the desired amount of Dragons Snot Latex Thickener you require to the amount of latex you need for a specific job. As a general rule, add approximately 5g-10g per litre for a medium viscosity and approximately 20g or more per litre for a thick viscosity. Mould making with latex made simple!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 46 reviews
Works well

I have used multiple times. It gives a detailed rendition of the object you are casting and works well. Thanks!

Hollie Tawhiao
Fast and what I needed

Exactly what I needed, site had great description. I have since used (first time with this product) and does what it says.

Bryanna Donaldson

I love this liquid latex . Easy to use and comes out perfect every time for my projects. Delivery excellent always with in 2 days. Sorry to see this product go. Glad I got the last one. Thank you Resin Craft

Kelvin Bradford

excellent product ideal for ceramic masking

Joe Carson
Worked great

Made some good rock molds , will use again, always fast delivery through resincraft