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Red Raven

Red Raven GP General Purpose Epoxy Kit

Red Raven GP General Purpose Epoxy Kit

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Kit includes hardener.*

An ambient curing marine, laminating epoxy system for wet lay-up techniques in wooden boat fibre-glassing.


  • Low viscosity, high functionality, for superior wet out on timber, glass and exotic cloths
  • Low diluent levels in the resin ensure superior cured strengths
  • Can be combined with epoxy Glue Powder to form high strength epoxy glue
  • Can be combined with epoxy Fairing Powder to form an epoxy fairing compound

Use For

  • Timber, steel, aluminium and GRP boat building
  • Osmosis repair and barrier coating below the waterline
  • As a construction epoxy glue
  • Marine and construction coving (filleting) hole and gap filling

Compatible with standard epoxy powder fillers.

*Kit includes a seasonal appropriate hardener of either summer or winter grade at the discretion of the manufacturer. Pot life as follows:

  • Fast (winter) / 30 minutes @ 17°C
  • Slow (summer) / 50 minutes @ 17°C
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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Ralf Schlothauer

I am very happy with the fast service. I have been working with our various product over many ears now and was never disappointed. Kind regards Ralf


Can I use this resin on a epoxy surfboard

This product can technically be used on a surfboard, but the resin does not have UV inhibitors in it, so will have a yellow coloured finish.

Please consider Entropy or Kinetix for a UV resistant, clear finish.

Ian Cookson
Red Raven GP Epoxy

Much thinner than the 105 Epoxy, but is excellent for a smooth finish with a brush, seems to pin hole a lot though.

John Bingham

havent used it yet

Tony Batchelor
Red Raven Epoxy Use

I fund the resin set slowly which allowed me time to apply the lamination's I was assembling. Overnight the resin had set and I was able to sand off excess. So I am pleased to report the product worked well for me.