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Silicone Thinner

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Silicone Thinner® is a non-reactive silicone fluid that will lower the mixed viscosity of tin cure (condensation) or platinum cure (addition) silicone rubber products.


Silicone Thinner® offers the following advantages:

A lower mixed viscosity (A+B) means that the rubber will de-air faster when vacuuming.

Mixed rubber (A+B) will flow better over intricate model detail. 

Silicone Thinner® will lower the ultimate shore hardness (durometer) of cured silicone rubber.

Pot life (working time) is increased in proportion to the amount of Silicone Thinner® used. 

Disadvantage: Ultimate tear and tensile strength are reduced in proportion to the amount of Silicone Thinner® added, however knotty tear properties of the Mold Max® series rubbers are unaffected.