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Smooth-Cast Semi-Rigid Casting Resin

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  • Trial Size Unit — (0.86 - 0.94 kg.)
  • 1 Gallon Unit — (6.99 - 7.53 kg.)

The Smooth-Cast® Semi-Rigid line of low-cost semi-rigid urethane casting resins cure quickly to semi-rigid plastics that offer excellent impact resistance. These plastics are easy-to-use (mix ratio is 1A:1B by volume) and have low viscosities for minimal bubble entrapment. Vibrant colors are possible by adding SO-Strong® color tints or Ignite® color pigments.

These semi-rigid plastics will really take a beating and offer exceptional abrasion resistance. They are good for making high-impact resistance tools, prototypes, abrasion resistant parts, foundry patterns, roller facings, vibration pads, fast concrete stamping pads, etc.

Demold time

  • 45D - 30m
  • 60D - 30m
  • 61D - 60m
  • 65D - 15m
  • 66D - 60m

Smooth-Cast® 57D/65D

Smooth-Cast® 57D/65D has a unique gradual cure profile that makes it ideal for rotational casting applications.

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Jacqui Porteous

This is great saves a lot by allowing hollow pieces