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Red Raven

Surfboard Cloth

Surfboard Cloth

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Red Raven Surfboard Cloth has been sourced directly from the same factory producing some of the world's top surfboard cloth brands. Packaged under the Red Raven brand, this fabric exhibits all the characteristics of the world's best brands but at a better price point.

This surfboard cloth has great clarity, drapes easily over rails and is easy to wet out during the lamination processes. 

Red Raven Surfboard cloth is 760mm wide and used primarily for shortboards and high-performance longboards contributing to a stronger final product. Due to the precision weave, this cloth absorbs minimal amounts of resin resulting in a lighter board for the demands of todays surfer. Available in both 4oz and 6oz weights.

Polyester and Epoxy compatible.

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Customer Reviews

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Small kine ding repairs
Update to my last review

I want to amend my previous review on this cloth. The suppliers have fixed the issue I had with masking tape ruining a portion of the roll. While there is still tape holding holding the end of the cloth down, they are now placing it on each end of the roll instead of in the middle. This system works much better with tape only being located on the area of cloth that will be cut away before laminating anyway. Appreciate the effort guys and sorry I didn't amend this review earlier 🤙

Too much tape!

I've been ordering and using this cloth for years now and as a product, it's great, both the 6oz and the 4oz. From ding repairs to laminations of new boards. Holds colour, saturates well, plenty of strength, performs as it should.

Can we PLEASE stop using masking tape on the rolls though guys? Every time I order a roll I lose a foot of cloth because of the masking tape you are wrapping it with. That foot can cap a fin box, it can be a tail patch, it can be the difference of a roll having enough to cover a board or not and having to break open a new roll. It comes in a plastic bag, the plastic bag is bubble wrapped for shipping, the masking tape serves no purpose. There is no way the roll is going to come undone during postage or storage.

many thanks,


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your feedback. We import this cloth, cut rolled and taped as you see it.

We have passed on this feedback once before, and will again.


Mike de Heer

Surfboard Cloth

4oz cloth

nice cloth easy wetting out with epoxy resin. fast delivery service very pleased

Ole bucka -christensen

Super service