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Resin Research’s legacy in composite innovation dates back to the creation of the first fully functional UV stable epoxy technology and the first commercial cycloaliphatic curing agents sold in the US composite market in 1981.

Resin Research’s advancement of epoxy curing agents to cycloaliphatic’s provided lower toxicity, excellent resistance to blush, better clarity, better UV stability and lower vapour pressure.  Resin Research’s advanced cycloaliphatic based epoxy systems are widely recognized as the Rolls Royce of epoxy systems.

A later Resin Research innovation was the first sanding additive (Additive F) which brought easy sanding and quality finishing to numerous composite products formerly only accomplished with much difficulty.  A later version proved to completely eliminate blush eliminating sanding and/or solvent washing prior to recoating.

In 2013 Resin Research initiated a program to address the needs of sustainable manufacturing.  Understanding that sustainable products must be achieved without any negative aspects in the strength, stability, ease of use or cost of the product, Resin Research used current technology to completely remake the epoxy building blocks themselves.  Using a newly discovered bio waste stream to build the exact same epoxide that is built from traditional pumped chemicals, Resin Research now achieves a bio content in all their resin products of 38 to 48%.

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