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Red Raven

Red Raven CC - Deep Clear Casting Epoxy

Red Raven CC - Deep Clear Casting Epoxy

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A UV resistant casting resin with very good air release. It can be poured up to 50 mm deep depending on amount mixed – test first.

  • We recommend initially pouring up to 20mm thickness, and when familiar with product up to 50mm.
  • Multiple clear pours can be added after first layer.
  • Cure is typically, 48 hours @ 25°C - will vary according to temperature and amount mixed.
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Customer Reviews

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Bruce Cooke
Disappointing, very environmentally fussy.

Nice and clear, but extremely slow curing, particularly at Waikato winter temps. 4 days after casting its still soft and sticky. Also seems to shrink or sink in the moulds, despite being over-filled. It probably needs a warmer environment, but its not practical to heat an unattended workshop to 25 deg plus temps for 3 days. This particular resin is a lot fussier over conditions than any others I use. Not really practical for my application.