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SO-Strong Translucent Dye for Pigmenting Urethanes Epoxy & Foam

SO-Strong Translucent Dye for Pigmenting Urethanes Epoxy & Foam

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SO-Strong® liquid polyurethane colorants (pigments) can be added to any Smooth-On liquid polyurethane rubber, polyurethane plastic or polyurethane foam (Do NOT use with silicones). They can be used to create a variety of color effects for a wide range of material applications.

The NEW SO-Strong® 9 pack gives you the opportunity to experience each color!

SO-Strong® colorants are highly concentrated (similar to PSTF dyes), offer excellent dispersion and consistent color. A very small amount will color a proportionally large amount of liquid polyurethane material. The more you add in proportion to the volume of liquid polyurethane, the more dramatic the color effect. Recommended loading range is .01% to 3% of total system weight. Do not overload the liquid polyurethane system or cure inhibition / oozing may occur. If this is your first time adding color to a polyurethane system, it is recommended that you test the color effect by adding a few drops to a small amount of material and observe the outcome.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Dan M.
So-Strong colour pigment is great

Doesn't take much but gives colour to flex foam and other So Strong materials that I use for making professional puppets. Really enjoy the way it gives consistent, lasting, solid colours.

Dan Martin
Great, but need a couple of extra items

Thanks for supplying our needs. Would like to see flesh So Strong in a bigger size added to the list of items you have to offer. I have the 9 colour pack and have bought all the other colours, but want to use the flesh more than all the others so could you bring it in in a larger quantities.

Good point! I didn't realise we were missing a colour. I'll make sure it's on the next shipment!

Grant B.

I have used this product to tint epoxAcast, excellent results, very strong, use sparingly. As usual the service from the team at the fibreglass shop is very professional and prompt.

Thanks for the feedback Grant, it certainly lives up to its name of being so very strong.

Warren Mahy
Brilliant service.

Awesome all round.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad it worked for you :)